Five Ducking Digits

Shredding Pow Pow

Meeting a fiduciary or two in the wild is not difficult when you spend two months in a ski town. I actually talk to strangers when I’m skiing, and meet some pretty interesting people.

Duck or Alligator?

What would a fiduciary do?

  1. Borrow USD for a term, and then purchase ETH at the current exchange rate.
  2. Stake the 32 ETH, and earn rewards in ETH terms.
  3. After a certain number of years, sell the 32 ETH and accumulated rewards for USD.
  4. Repay the USD loan.

Leverage Please

To avail oneself of the ETH bond requires one to lockup capital indefinitely. That is because currently, you may not unstake ETH once staked on the beacon chain. Post-merge, when POS validation commences, the ETH yield will rise, but stakers are still stuck.

What Would Michael Saylor Do?

Saylor is a gangsta because he uses Microstrategy’s ability to tap institutional corporate bond markets as a funding vehicle to acquire Bitcoin. That’s an “ok” strategy, but Bitcoin is pure money and intrinsically yields nothing. Ether is the commodity that powers the world’s largest decentralised computer. Ether will, post-merge, feature an intrinsic yield.


Ethereum Killers

“Ethereum is slow and expensive therefore we shall build a competitor that is fast and cheap.” This is the mantra of every project that has come forward to challenge Ethereum for the L1 smart contract crown. The details on how these ragtag groups of would-be Ethereum killers intend to accomplish these goals are irrelevant. Investors have gotten caught up in the hopium and elevated a group of smart contract layer-1 Ethereum killers to massive valuations.

Praise be to Vitalik

There are three ways to think about how to allocate into ETH, vs. fiat, vs. Bitcoin, vs. other L1’s.

5 Ducking Digits

I penned a piece years ago where I predicted ETH would become a 2-digit coin in USD terms. That came to pass for a short while.



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Arthur Hayes

Arthur Hayes


Co-Founder of 100x. Trading and crypto enthusiast. Focused on helping spread financial literacy and educate investors.