JPEG The Jeweller

The Meatspace Art Markets

Trading analogue art is very expensive, due to the massive spreads the various agents take throughout the journey from the creator to the collector. These fees are necessary to pay for the enormous costs to create an environment in which rich people feel comfortable parting with their money for intrinsically useless matter.

NFT — Same Same but Different

The most popular NFT projects allow anyone to mint the digital artworks they are putting up for sale. Minting requires a small amount of ETH that goes to the project, and additional ETH for network gas fees. The minting process is what creates the unique NFT asset that resides on a public blockchain. Ethereum is by far the most popular chain, but Solana and others have also recently grown in popularity and featured hot projects.

Simple Trading Strategies

Mint to Flip

Are You a Trader or a Sucker?

Don’t let the haters distract you from the massive amounts of volume and unique trading opportunities the burgeoning NFT market offers. Put aside the fact that you are trading image files, and relish the ability to trade art in the same way you trade stonks.



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Arthur Hayes

Arthur Hayes


Co-Founder of 100x. Trading and crypto enthusiast. Focused on helping spread financial literacy and educate investors.