Rock, Paper, Scissors Says GO!

  • “Of core U.S. gamers who are aware of skins, 81% would like to get real-world money for their skins and are therefore interested in skin trading. Over two-thirds of the group are unaware of any major skin-trading platforms in the U.S. (including Steam’s Community market, DMarket, OpenSea, and Bitskins).”
  • “Crucially, 75% of the players that are interested in skin trading say they’d spend more on skins if they had a monetary value outside of the game.”
  • Demographically, young males are most likely to engage with game cosmetics, but big spending whales are older.
  1. The good must be intrinsically worthless, or if it has some use like a piece of clothing, there is a much cheaper substitute that achieves the same function.
  2. When in doubt, check whether said item is lyrically mentioned by a pop star. If true, then it’s probably a Flex Good and intrinsically bankrupt.
  3. Possession of the good should confer membership in an exclusive community.
  4. The goods should be of limited quantity, in other words, scarce.



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Arthur Hayes

Arthur Hayes

Co-Founder of 100x. Trading and crypto enthusiast. Focused on helping spread financial literacy and educate investors.